Custom application development using the platform

As you use Salesforce you may realise that simple point and click customisation isn’t sufficient and doesn’t cover all your business process automation needs. is the underlying infrastructure which Salesforce is built upon and provides an extremely powerful, scalable, and secure platform for custom development.

More than 100,000 custom applications run on and the platform supports more than 150 million transactions per day. and development tools provide Solution Rock with the ability to create custom functionality well beyond what most CRM systems provide.

Solution Rock have the development capabilities to create entirely new, custom built applications that deliver advanced automation and expand the functionality of your existing Salesforce solution.

We can create bespoke applications using the same look and feel and easy to use functionality of the Salesforce CRM platform, using

We offer a range of custom development solutions to suit your business needs:

  • Apex Code development

Using APEX we are able to automate the most complex business process. APEX code can be used to enhance standard Salesforce workflow, provide complex calculations, and manipulate data stored in any Salesforce object.

  • VisualForce development

VisualForce enables us to deliver custom User Interfaces for your Salesforce application. The User Interface can look and feel like a native Salesforce application or can be customised to provide an entirely new interface more suited to your business and user needs.  We can use VisualForce pages to combine data from multiple objects and blend data from web services directly into Salesforce.

  • S Controls development

S-Controls allow you to control and modify the way that functions by default.  Solution Rock can develop custom controls for clients who want to override or build in custom functionality to

  • Salesforce Sites

With Salesforce Sites, we can extend internal applications to a public, external facing website without the need for users to authenticate to view site pages. Salesforce Sites, developed in VisualForce and Apex, allow you to publish data driven, public or authenticated Web pages, all within your Salesforce Org.  They can be used to deliver conference registration sites, customer support submission forms, public event calendars and much more.

  • Salesforce Portals

We can leverage Salesforce portal technology to extend Salesforce applications to your customers and partners. We can deliver extensive Salesforce portal applications that provide for a completely personalised experience for end users based on data that is stored in Salesforce and other systems.

  • Salesforce Mobile Application Development

With an expanding mobile workforce and increasing use of mobile devices mobile application development is one of the fastest growing segments in IT today. Solution Rock and its strategic partners can develop custom mobile applications that provide an out-of-the-box mobile extension to your application that exploits the features of advanced devices such as Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry.

  • Chatter Integration and Development

Contact Solution Rock and let us show you how you can expand the use of Salesforce across your organisation with custom applications using the platform.

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